Welcome to MPF Osprey Camera

The camera is brought to you by Moraine Preservation Fund and Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau. It provides a Live Stream of the osprey nest at Moraine State Park in Butler County, PA.  The Osprey camera will be able to be viewed during the nesting season, which will end on September 17th!  We look forward to seeing you all again next year!


Watch as osprey nest along the glistening shoreline of Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park. This area has one of the most significant clusters of osprey nests in Pennsylvania.

The osprey, also commonly known as a "fish hawk", stalks its prey by hovering above the water then diving feet first to snag its prey. Ospreys fit in well on impoundments with good fish populations and artificial structures where they can build their bulky stick nests.

In an effort to help this recovered species, The Moraine Preservation Fund established an Osprey Reintroduction Program in June of 1993. It was a huge success and resulted in six fledglings raised from several nesting platforms throughout the park. This park was an important hacking site in the state's osprey reintroduction program and they continue to prosper here.

The live stream is available from 7am to 7pm daily, ending on September 17th.