Lake Arthur is 3,225 acres of natural beauty and is where the Nautical Nature calls home. Set in the heart of Moraine State Park, this man-made lake is one of our area's true treasures.  Lake Arthur has a rich history which you can hear all about aboard the Nautical Nature. 

The Nautical Nature, sets sail every weekend, from May until October, presenting a tour like no other. In 90 minutes, we showcase the geological features of the area while observing the wildlife in their natural habitats.  Our Captains and First Mates talk about park history, fascinating points of interest, and answer questions. Aboard these Nautical Nature boat tours, we will show you some of the best views of the park and you’ll have the opportunity to capture beautiful photos. We take hundreds of children on educational boat trips each spring and fall, as part of a field trip program with the park; our focus has always been education first. If you’re looking for something a little more special, we offer a Sunset Dinner Cruise, Pizza Party Cruise, and Box Lunches Cruises. Private charters are also available for business meetings, reunions and parties.

In 2020 Moraine State Park will be holding its 50th anniversary event which will be bringing in huge crowds. Moraine Preservation Fund would love to celebrate this event by buying a new boat. The new vessel would feature two decks, which would be able to accommodate bigger events and tours. With your help we want to raise enough money to have the new double decker boat before this special date.