MPF is sustained and operated by a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to conservation of the Park and the environment in general.  New members and volunteers are always needed. Please contact us to get started!

Asset Management/Boat/Building - Ron Boltey

Our dedicated volunteers have created and maintained many assets over the past 20 years.  Including but not limited to: the pavilions at McDanel’s Launch, the Owlet Giftshop, the Observation deck, fishing piers and Nautical Nature.  We are looking for volunteers with great ideas and a variety of skill levels. Assistance is needed for general maintenance, skilled labor and also aboard the Nautical Nature. 

We are looking for Captains and Mates for the 2018 season. Training will be provided. If you love the outdoors and being on the water, give us a call at 724-368-9185 or contact us here.


The Moraine Preservation Fund Education Program began in 1996 when the floating classroom, Nautical Nature was launched. The planning began several years earlier when the concept was first created by the organization led then by Wes Hamilton, a Zelienople lawyer. Funding was procured for the pontoon boat, mostly thru grants, and area teachers, June Marshall, Seneca Valley, and Ruth Roperti, Riverside, were asked to head up the development of the educational program. Since that time students have boarded the boat at McDanel’s Launch, a class at a time, for 2½ hours of water studies on Lake Arthur. They work at five stations carrying out experiments such as dredging the bottom of the lake for muck and testing the turbidity of the water. Working as scientists, they record the results in field notebooks. Most classes stay on shore the rest of the day for experiments and study in wetlands.

In addition there are programs featuring the geological history and features of the area, weather, osprey, barn owls, and our native plant butterfly trail. Students of all ages, preschool through adults are welcome to experience our programs. We follow the Pennsylvania Standards in Environment and Ecology, and are prepared for schools at all levels, scouts, home schoolers, churches, families, or anyone desiring to know more about the local environment.

You are invited to volunteer as a captain, mate, or guide for these programs. Training is available. You only need a desire to help those in the area learn about our environment!


Goal: To involve the public in the day-to-day fundraising and educational activities of the MPF in order to maintain and improve the current level of services offered by the MPF.

Purpose: The purpose of the fundraising committee is to provide guidance, input, and support to the MPF into the planning and implementation of:

  • Fund raising activities at the park
  • Spending for parties, special events and daily program supplies
  • Making contributions/donations to other groups and organizations

The fundraising committee’s focus is to be on activities that can, for a fee, be used as an ongoing revenue generator.

Financial/Grants - John Spirnak

The responsibilities of the Finance Committee are established by the MPF Board of Directors and have been most recently approved in the meeting of January 5, 2010.  The committee will consist of a chair and one to three volunteer members.  They will be chosen at the discretion of the finance chair and/or Board and so approved for a period of one year.  The committee will provide direction to the organization in the following areas:

  • To provide monthly reporting to the Board of MPF’s financial position for the preceding month.  This will be prepared and presented by the Treasurer at all regularly scheduled monthly meetings.
  • To monitor incoming revenue and outgoing expenditures, accept requests from various committees and to prepare an annual budget.  This should typically take place in January of each year and placed for approval in the February meeting.  
  • To assist the Treasurer as needed in the preparation of Audits, annual tax returns and other reporting.
  • To prepare an annual report as to the financial condition of the organization.  This will be presented to the Board upon receipt and analysis of all relevant income/expense and after annual filings (normally spring of each year.)
  • To oversee the responsible filing, storage and retention of all documents relating to the finances of the organization.   
  • To deal with any matters as they relate to the land acquisition function of MPF.
  • To report to the Board, on a monthly basis, any and all matters relating to changes in the financial condition of MPF.
  • To create and monitor purchasing guidelines that will enable the organization to operate efficiently and fiscally responsible while allowing the flexibility to advance projects and daily activities quickly and easily.

Marketing/Promotion - Jack Cohen, chair

Projects - Jack Cohen, chair

With continuing volunteer support, MPF has undertaken and completed many projects which benefit the Park and the environment.  Projects are proposed by MPF members or Park Management, funding is appropriated through grants or fund-raising efforts and the work is carried out through the involvement of our many volunteers.

A few of our larger past and present projects include: Osprey Reintroduction, Barn Owl Program, Native Plant & Butterfly Trail, & Project Batitat.

Species/ Resource Management - Elizabeth Wilson, chair

The Species Conservation Committee is dedicated to the protection and appreciation of native plant species, birds of prey and other wildlife, and their habitats through education, conservation, scientific research, public awareness and volunteer opportunities.

  • Labor equity involvement with members and other concerned Friends Groups of Moraine State Park to physically work on projects that protect, improve and maintain natural ecosystems. This may include park cleanups, revegetating critical habitat/trail areas, or monitoring wildlife activity. These activities require a committee that is knowledgeable about environmental issues and should have the ability to investigate and study issues dealing with degradation, enhancement and perpetuation of natural ecosystems and wildlife.
  • Activist involvement with Friends Groups, government entities and private business to protect, improve and maintain natural ecosystems.

The Species Conservation Committee informs Moraine Preservation Fund members about emerging issues affecting Birds of Prey and all wildlife who call Moraine State Park their home. The essence of our mission is to strengthen the bond between humans and wildlife, to improve the quality of life for both, and to promote sustainability and contribute to species conservation while practicing environmental stewardship. The Species Conservation Committee meetings are held the Second Thursday evening of the month at 6:30 at the Owlet. New members are always welcome. For more information on the Species Conservation Committee, contact Elizabeth Wilson, Species Conservation Committee Chairperson at, or phone her at 412-491-0053