MPF is sustained and operated by a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to conservation of the Park and the environment in general.  New members and volunteers are always needed. Please contact us to get started!

Boat Co-Chairs- John Davis and Andy Picutta
Members: John Spirnak

The Boat Committee oversees the maintenance, operation, repair and care of the tour boat operated by MPF. The Boat Committee coordinates boat operations with Moraine Park staff concerning dock location, operating parameters on Lake Arthur. The Boat Committee perform maintenance on the boat as well as coordinate third party specialty maintenance and repair activities. The Boat Committee members prepare the boat for winter storage at the end of the cruise season and ready the boat for the summer cruise season each year. All boat captains are considered to be extemporaneous members of this committee.

Additionally, the boat committee will evaluate when a captain trainee training program will be required ,conduct interviews and schedule the training including the final on the water test conducted by the Pa. Boat and Fish Commission.  Finally, any changes to the  standard routes taken by the boat or any dock to be used for arrival or departure other than McDanels must be approved in advance by this committee. 

Land Members: John Spirnak

The Land Committee oversees the properties owned by MPF and assists with the acquisition of properties with unique attributes desired for addition to Moraine State Park, Jennings Environmental Center or McConnells Mill State Park. The Land Committee periodically evaluates properties owned by MPF to confirm if they should be held by MPF and if so whether they should be maintained as fallow land, made available for rent / lease or in some cases should be made available for sale.

Education Chair- Gary Fleeger
Members: Elizabeth Wilson

The Education Committee will work with Moraine State Park environmental education and other staff to develop public educational programs dealing with environmental, historical topics, and will coordinate with MSP staff with the presentation of those programs.

Projects Chair- Jack Cohen

The MPF Projects Committee considers short term and long term projects that will benefit the parks and MPF members. Projects under development include assisting with the MPF portion of the Moraine State Park 50th anniversary celebration planning to be held in 2020 and the initial design of the remodeling of the Owlet Gift Shop to include a year-around educational space to be utilized by Moraine State Park and others.

Finance Chair- John Spirnak

The finance committee oversees the financial management and expenditures of MPF including the Owlet Gift Shop, Nautical Nature tour boat and for special projects. The finance committee oversees the financial accounts and reserves of MPF. The finance committee periodically reviews expenses and vendor selection to ensure MPF financial resources are being managed and distributed in an efficient and prudent manner. The finance committee develops and annual operating budget in January of each year for review and approval by the board.

Communications/ Web Chair- Cassandra Dixon

The Communications Committee oversees the public communications issued by MPF. These include the management of the MPF website, Social Media and Printed Materials. The Communications Committee shall be the focal point which communications pass through and be managed to ensure a common theme which is consistent with the Mission Statement, short term goal and long term goals of MPF.

Marketing / Fundraising Chair- Cassandra Dixon
Members: Jack Cohen

The Marketing/Fundraising Committee will support the ongoing efforts of MPF by developing and pursuing fundraising efforts that include events, grant applications and corporate/individual sponsorship. We will increase MPF presence within the social networking community by working with partner groups to attract followers. The committee will use the support of the MPF members to gain/increase attendance to events and boat tours offered by the organization.

Membership Chair- David Murray
Members: John Spirnak

The Membership Committee’s primary goal is to expand membership in the organization through direct personal contact, electronic marketing, printed brochures and other avenues. The Membership Committee will work with other committees to engage the MPF members through communication and volunteer opportunities. As outlined in the 2019 Strategic Meeting goals, we have the 2019 goal of increasing membership from 100 to 300 members.